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Everybody's Makin' CruisersThe Cruisers are a-comin' (20.Jan.98)
BLVD Magazine is closing its doors!? (2.Dec.97)
Honda Puts Up A Motorcycle Page

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Shadow Aero revealed (Shadow What? See Motorcycle On-Line)23.Oct.97
5 th Annual Me and My Shadow Rally Sept 12th - 14 - Yow!
Honda Homecoming Report
Shadow Ace 750 at Motorcycle On-line
Shadow 750 Doing Well! Pictures have been added!(23.July.97)
SRC Rally Registration Time
SCUSA Announce: Gathering of Eagles
Shadow MC Holland
Shadow Spirit Test Ride (by Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine)
Check out the 1997 Range of Shadows
New ACE and ACE Tourer
Shadow 750 Has Taken Shape... (Includes a PICTURE of the 750 ACE)
Honda Shadow ACE 750 On The Way!
Honda Announces New 1997 Shadows
Credit Where Credit Is Due: GOOD NEWS! (Mid Cities Cruisers Home Page)
Have You Seen How the Ace Can Look?

- NEWS -

Everybody's Makin' Cruisers

I guess the "Cruiser" market has really taken off! Left, right and center, motorcycle companies are putting big bad bikes on the market. You won't hear me complain (about anything except Iceland Customs Duties on new bikes (99.5%!)), and I thought it might be nice to inform you what is available out there.

Honda: Shadow Aero

Quite a "long" bike, or so I am informed. After the Shadow ACE 750 stole the show, Honda are frantically trying to cook up something to better the 750. After the tremendous success of the 750 thats going to be hard. The sweeping fenders, the chrome and look of the bike is so stunning, that anything else looks inferior. I don't really envy the motorcycle companies sometimes... Coming out with great bikes like the 750, and then having to top it, for those that want more power... It sort of, can't be done... Still, we'll have to wait until the Aero hits the streets before we know for sure. You must realise Honda is up against some pretty stiff competition from the other companies... Talking of "other companies"...

Kawasaki: Vulcan Picture

Kawasaki has always been in there, with the Vulcan "Classic". Now they have cut down versions of the Classic, as well as a tourer (the "Nomad"). Here is a short list of cruiser type bikes they offer: Vulcan 1500 Nomad (full tourer), Vulcan 1500 Classic (heavy street cruiser), Vulcan 800 Classic, Vulcan 500 LTD.

Suzuki: Intruder LC Picture

The Intruder was always really "stripped" and small, in my opinion. (A friend of mine let me try his, and it felt so "small", compared to the 1400 its supposed to be) Also, looking at it from the side, the tank looks small, and high... BUT all that is about to change... With the new: Intruder 1500 LC (very Yamaha Royal Star-like, looking at it from the side, a heavy street cruiser). The 1500 LC is the only really "Classic" looking bike from Suzuki.

Yamaha: Royal Star Picture

This is one of the first of the new cruiser wave to appear... and Yamaha have put a great effort into supplying stuff to customise their 'Star... There was also talk of great reliability, and a 2 or 4 year guarantee (conditional: You have to bring the bike in for servicing by them about 1/year). The 'Star really looks great, its got those "Classic" lines and is set to be the next big bad bike on the market. Its also got all these "factory" aftermarket items that you can transform your bike with, into something that is almost unique... Hence, they have lots of "project" type customs that they offer, so you can ride a dream. There is (of course): Royal Star Tour Deluxe Deuce ("Deuce" because its for 2 people), Royal Star Deluxe Solitaire (for the egoist), Royal Star Tour Classic II, Royal Star Tour Classic, Royal Star Boulevard, Royal Star Silverado, and Royal Star Chyenne. They also make the Virago (Prince's "Purple Rain" bike) I've never been a great fan of the Virago, but now I've mentioned it.

Oh yeah... Then there are Harleys. Some of them look pretty "Classic".

Harley-Davidson: Lots Picture

A lot of credit is due to Harley Davidson Motorcycles as they have kept the "Classic" look alive. They knew what people wanted to see in their ride, and exploited it. What amazes me is that none of the other companies seem to have realised it until now?!? Still, its good to know people now have some choice on the market. One of the problems with Harley Davidson (HD) is that they seem to have a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" attitude... which is fine in some cases, but in the case of the motorcycle industry, so many advances have taken place in motor technology, that HD seem to have ignored. Still, creating a shortage on the market (driving up prices) and having been adopted by fanatics have also played a part in its isolation. Models from HD that fit the "cruiser" market are: Heritage line, Road King line, Dyna line, Springer line, and the Fat Boy (really cool looking bike).

Boulevard Magazine Closes

I just called USA to subscribe to Cycle Magazine's BLVD Magazine... Well, apparently they are not taking any more subscriptions, as they are discontinuing the magazine... Why? Anyone know why this is? Are we not excited enough about independent magazines? Are we heading for a depression? Whats going on?

I hate losing something good... Especially when I finally persuaded my local book store to import the magazine. Lets hope Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine will be the stronger from this! It must be good to have the whole market... Lovely.

Source: TheStone. Ps. I don't know any other "independent" custom bike mag. Do you? Share! Share!

... and while you are at it, give a listen to Radiohead's "Fake Plastic Trees (Acoustic version)" its off the "Clueless" soundtrack CD.... and lie on an unmade bed... with the window open... What do you mean by "I don't do requests"!

Honda Puts Up A Motorcycle Page.

Some of you may have visited the Honda Home Pages ( or the Japanese equivalent These do not really cater so much for motorcycles... So they put up this one:

The motorcycle page is at:

Shadow Aero Revealed...

Did you notice how much cooler the new ACE 750 was when compared, even, to the new Shadow Spirit? Well, Honda wants to sell more of the ACE's big brother (1100), and that means making it even more customised, now that they have perfected the form that people want.. in 1998, we'll be presented with the "Shadow Aero", which will be longer, with more cruising custom features (floorboards and the long, low exhaust pipe we have seen on the 750).
Source: Motorcycle On-Line:
Aero Small Pic,
Aero Big Pic,


SEPT 12th - 14th, 1997 PLANO, TX

Shadow Riders Club-USA:


Sent in by Danny Monreal, who, it sounds like, had one hell of a good time!

Honda Homecoming Report

Source: Danny Monreal


They love it. Check out their comparison of light sized cruisers...

Light Criuiser Comparison at Motorcycle Online
Ace 750 Review at Motorcycle Online
Ace 750 Pics at Motorcycle Online
Source: Motorcycle Online


Reports are coming in left right and center about how happy new Shadow ACE 750 Owners are. USA and Japan are the main areas, but soon Europe will be among them. I forsee this to be a great move by Honda, to market an upper mid range bike, which is in every way (except cc) as big as as the 1100... and even shows a number of cosmetic improvements. Just look at these pictures.

Here are the details of the Shadow ACE 750 and Shadow ACE 400 from Japan. More information will follow as it is received. It looks like the 400 will only be available in Japan.


750 ACE Owner in Japan: Dan "Bullet" Thorpe Now he is an Owner! He is! He is! He is!

750 ACE Owner in USA: Robert W. "Bubba" Schneider

750 ACE Owner in USA: Marty Patterson

750 ACE Owner in USA: Robert W. Schneider (These are all pictures of his bike)


If you want more info on the rally or registration forms, they're up on my page now. The link to them is right next to the logo. If you have any problems, give me a shout.

Jim "Kickstand" Russell

SCUSA Announce: The Gathering of Eagles

Greetings to all you proud cruiser owners. Shadow Club U:S:A is proud to announce its first National "Gathering of Eagle's" rally. It will be held in:

Fort Wayne, Indiana, Saturday, September 13, 1997.

This one day event will be filled with excitement for a lot of us. It has been three years since we went National and all of our chapters have been waiting for this event to finally happen.

Beginning at 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning, September 13, will be registration for those who have prepaid (instructions to follow). 9:30 a.m. will be the Poker Run with a $5.00 entry fee per bike. The ride will take you on a very nice scenic country tour.

Then at 12:30 p.m. there will be a Bike Show (prepaid registration ticket included in the packet). For those who did not preregister, there is a $5.00 entry fee. There will be awards given for five classes. To honor the bikes that started all of this, there will be two classes dedicated to the Shadows. The first being my favorite "Radical Street Custom" and "Stock Custom." We will then open up the class to all cruisers with "Open Cruiser Class", "Open Touring Class" and "People's Choice". Judging begins at 2:00 p.m. SHARP and ends at 3:00 p.m. All awards and plaques will be awarded at the Banquet at 7:30 p.m.

Information about the preregistration and banquet is as follows:
To preregister for this event, please send you name, address, number attending, and $25.00 per person fee. This packet includes your entry fee for the bike show, national rally pin and T-shirt, dinner ticket and miscellaneous information.

Dinner will be buffet style served at 5:30 p.m. and consists of :
House Baked Chicken
Swiss Steak
BBQ Ribs
Garden Salad
Red Potatos
Baby Carrots
No Alcohol beverages allowed

If you wish to participate in the events but not the dinner, you may register the day of the event.

Yes, this event is a Shadow Club U:S:A event but will be open to nonmembers and if you want to be apart of this event, you need to purchase our rally packet. This is so you may share a meal with our shadow members and a chance to see what Shadow Club U:S:A is all about and to chat and meet its members sharing ideas and thoughts about the bikes we ride.

We do have a time limit set to purchase your packets and seating is limited for the banquet. So get your reservations in soon to reserve a spot for you for this special event.

News from Steve Jordan


SEPT 12 th - 14 th, 1997 PLANO, TX
Shadow Riders Club-USA
More information:

News from Jim Russell

Independent Club

Shadow Riders of St. Louis, MO

News from: SCUSA

Second SRC chapter in full operation in Louisiana

The Shadow Riders Club of Lafayette, designated LA-02 has been formed with an initial roster of 27 members as of last month. They already have over 40 members signed up as of this week. For information on this new chapter, contact
Lana Romero at Honda of Lafayette, 318.234.6632.

This gives the SRC- USA over 100 members in South Louisiana alone.

We have plans for at least 6 Chapters in Louisiana within the next 24 months. Our next targeted city is the New Orleans, followed by Shreveport, Monroe, Alexandria and Covington. We will also be working on starting new chapters in Mississippi, Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. Anyone in these States interested in starting a chapter should contact:

Travis Paul (alias Spokes):
Email address can also be found on the SRC of Baton Rouge Home Page, at

News source: Spokes

Shadow MC Holland

Shadow MC Holland have just put up a web page at:
Their details are as follows: ShadowMC Holland Details

News souce: Hans:

Sacramento Shadow Riders Club

Brother Bob Hidley just wrote in announcing the unveiling of a new Shadow Riders Club Page dedicated to the Sacramento area/chapter. Please drop in and see what you think... and, if you live in the Sacramento area, and want to ride with some good people, get in touch with him, and I'm sure something can be arranged...
We're all in this together, and the sooner everyone realises this, the sooner we can all be happy/united.
Bob Hidley is at:
The Page URL is:
Curious yet? Here are some pictures to give you an idea of what its like... Lineup- outside - girls.

Shadow Spirit Test Ride

Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine... had the opportunity to go on a test ride on the Spirit recently, and their evaluation: "We just tested the Spirit for the issue that goes to the printer today (5 th Feb 1997). It works well but has a couple of cosmetic glitches. That smooth engine and five speed were made for each other. The suspension has been upgraded and the saddle is very comfortable."
(Art Friedman of Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine)

Steve Jordan's Shadow Customising Tip Page

Steve Jordan (Shadow Club USA... see VT Owner's Page) has set up a page dedicated to helping owners cusomise their rides... check it out at:

Check out the 1997 Range of Shadows

If you haven't already been there, on the Honda Shadow Home Page is the full line of Shadows for 1997. ACE Tourer, ACE, Spirit 1100, VLX Deluxe and VLX.

Source: Honda of Milpitas.

New ACE and ACE Tourer

With a new year, come new bikes. Some good, some bad, some ugly... but all these are simply human reactions, and say little about the bikes themselves. The new Shadow Ace will be called just ACE and will come as a standard ACE, or an ACE Tourer, and take the form shown in the picture above. One thing is assured though... You will have access to increasing volumes of aftermarket products, that allow you to customise your bike... both from Honda itself, and other sources (Cobra Boulevard/Two Brothers/Corbin/etc.) Isn't it nice to have all these people working so hard to make you happy? :-)

News and Picture from: Studer Andreas

Shadow 750 Has Taken Shape...

This is what the new Shadow ACE 750 will look like. The European model will have tank mounted instruments, and Andrew (our news source, who rides a VT 1100 ACE) is especially looking forward to this... While the American version will have all the instruments mounted above the headlights. They will only be available in black, initially, but the deluxe models will have optional color choices.

I'm sure a lot of people will be rejoicing over the fact that AT LAST Honda will be offering a bike that is bigger than the 600 in Europe. 600 was the biggest Shadow they had on offer there... All 1100s have had to be imported from USA or where they are available... making a fortune for those who specialise in importing bikes, with customers having to foot the extra charges on top of the normal price. Now, at least, there will be a bigger alternative, and parts will also be readily available... as people have had to import spare parts for their 1100s specially! Often through the same guys who imported the bikes.
(-: I know! I know!-)
News and Picture from: Studer Andreas

Honda Shadow 750 On The Way!

Honda has decided to introduce a mid range Shadow. Namely the Honda Shadow 750. Rumours are that it will be in the showrooms summer 97. So not that long to wait...

There are mixed feelings about this... Some feel that the 600 serves the mid range well enough, while others want the added power, without having to fork out for an 1100...

Well, all I have to say is: I welcome having more Shadows out there, the more the merrier... and the more choice you have, the happier you will be... and remember to send pictures of you and your new 750 Shadow in!

This news comes from Tony Scatton of T.J.S. Motorcycle Accessory Center


24.12.96 and I'd like to wish all my Shadow riding brothers and sisters a Merry Merry Christmas... and thank you for all your lovely contributions over the last and coming year(s). Together we stand... and all that... and that speech there... yes... I love you all, and together we'll ride together in our dreams, along that long and winding road... that will lead to the heart of freedom in every soul... Here's a hope for a better future, if not for us, then our children, who will inherit the mess we leave... So lets not leave a mess, folks... Lets leave a world that welcomes in everyone as a friend, lets reach out our hand to those who need it... but know when to draw the line... yet, let it be drawn with charity and consideration... we may be different, but thats what makes us interesting. From me and the one I love... my loved one... have a great holiday, and God bless you. Keep yourself healthy... if not for you... do it for me! Your friend...

Merry Christmas... and a success in the coming year!
Thor "TheStone" Ingason
A time of great gladness,... great gladness!
(... ok, beam me up... I've finished!... hello?)

Honda Announces New 1997 Shadows

Shadow Spirit 1100 is the name chosen to represent the new line of 1997 Shadows. They will have 5 gears, providing, at last, an extra gear for those who felt one was missing, be it, between 2nd and 3rd, or 3rd and 4th... Sometimes in the lower gear one could hear the engine straining, but found, after shifting, that one was not travelling fast enough to warrant the shift to a higher gear (with possible stalling). The obvious problem is, a lot of us already have the 4 gear version, and are not about to change it... for nothing!

Some other changes have been made, that take the bike closer to the ACE... Like the shape of the exhaust pipes. New cases, heads and head covers... more chrome... but they moved the foot pegs back about 1.6 inches, and altered the handlebars! The good things is, there are plenty of after market products to change this, if one is not happy with it.

The ACE now has a "Tourer" optional version, although this may not appear until spring next year. Sources claim that the engine will not be based on the current ACE's single crankpin engine, but rather the offset-dual-crankpin design that we know from the old VT1100. The windshield and hard bags are similar to those found on the Valkyrie.

(We will get some pictures soon, but for those who are impatient you can find them at Motorcycle Online's Honda News Page:

This news comes c/o: David L. Campbell -

Credit Where Credit Is Due: GOOD NEWS!

Every so often comes news of people who are doing good things in the motorcycling world. We have all heard the bad news of accidents, Hells Angels giving bikers a bad name, some clubs being racist, others being Harleyist, bikers making fools of themselves, bikers suffering penalties, bad attitude towards us, certain motorcycle models being discontinued, etc. In fact, I cannot recall anything really GOOD coming out of biking, with the exception of the personal thrill we all get from the rolling down that long and winding road... which is just about the only good news we ever get... until now!

I recently read in MOTORCYCLE CRUISER MAGAZINE of a motorcycle club that is setting an example for the rest of us to follow. Mid-Cities Cruisers (MCC) of Arlington. Its a year old club with about 120 members from the Texas area.

Anyone is welcome to join, whatever they ride, and on top of that, their members are from diverse racial and ethnic groups. The way the internet is bringing the world together, MCC is doing for bikers.

As if this was not enough: the National Confederation of Motorcyclists has asked MCC to help them bring different (sometimes rival) clubs together, in the hope that they can all participate in large friendly motorcycle events. At such events, the club members would be representatives of their club, and everyone could enjoy their common denominator: Motorcycling.

The article further states, that MCC has also been involved in fund raising for various charities, and that their president and founder: Robert O'Steen remodels and builds homes for disabled people! How good can it get? Many of the events also support local businesses and establishments, with the benefits going to charity as well as prizes for riders taking part.

Children are welcome at events, and special events are planned so that they can take part too. The bargaining power of large clubs can be seen in discounts to members from local businesses, who enjoy, in return, more frequent visits.

(Similar to the main biker club in Iceland (The Snails)) MCC will have smaller clubs within it, while the main organisation is to be national (if not international?).

All in all, I would say MCC is an inspiration to the biking community, and I hope that we are not too proud to learn from them. This is definately a step in the right direction, and shows the rest of us, there is still hope, despite all the negative publicity we bikers get.

Interested? Write to: Mid-Cities Cruisers, c/o Robert P. O'Steen, President, 916 Billie Ruth Ln., Hurst, Tx 76053-4821, USA.

Check out their Home Page: Mid-Cities Cruisers Home Page

Interested in more GOOD NEWS ... Then check this link out!

Have You Seen How the Ace Can Look?

(In case you are interested: The above Shadow ACE is furnished with the "Hard Krome" Exhaust System (fax: 714-630-7396))... and shows some of what is currently available for the Shadow ACE... and more is on the way, I am told.
The above ACE was fitted with metal fenders. They cost about USD $600 each and are not yet in production. However, the spotlight system and pipes are. DG can be reached at phone number: 714-630-5474. ... (Hey! Has anyone contacted them, and what did they say?). Share the info, please!


Question: Why can't Honda (and other bike producers, for that matter) make bikes that can use all the custom parts available for Harleys?

There are so many, often inexpensive, "aftermarket" products (items used to customise bikes) available for the Harley, and most of these companies have NO CONNECTION with the Harley Davidson company directly, so there is no reason for the makers of Japanese branded bikes to stick to some weird sizes and freaky parts.

If DVD (Digital Video Disk) producers can come up with a standard that everyone is happy with, and dictates what format the disks should be in, so everyone can cash in on the novel idea, why can't motorcycle producers?

This would help a lot of people... It would sell more bikes, sell more accessories, people would be happier with their finished bikes, projects would be more easily assembled... rather than having to adjust everything to and fro... also repair shop's lives would be simplified, and there would be less risk in carrying a whole range, and HAVING IT IN STOCK... NOW! For a change!

Someone somewhere MUST be willing to take the first steps to UNITY... if nothing else, then, to make a buck doing it!
Response: One responded by saying such a bike already exists: The Honda Shadow ACE!

Ever wanted to "Hitch" a trailer to your bike?

A "Hitch"? Wassat? It is a trailer hitch - connect it to your ACE - hook up a pop up trailer/camper and you're ready to travel in style! The trailer can have, for example, a queen size bed that you can set up in under 1 minute plus it has 18 cubic feet of storage space, which is a great way to travel, on your bike, camping out doors in a tent wherever you want to stop.

You can order one of these "hitches" from the Hitch Doc ...who else... 507-945-8382 talk to Brad.
This news comes care of Dale Wentworth. Also: See the Bikes For Sale / Commercials Page


By Brad, Washington, D.C. (1995 Shadow ACE Teal/Black)

If you own a SHADOW
... and you just had a good time on it... Write to me!

eMail you adventures to me, and I'll post them on the Shadow Owner Pages for other Shadow Owners to enjoy... LETS RIDE! Let others in on all the sfun you are having with your bike... spread it around... Write to: (please?)

Lester Crump Just Got Faster! (It can be done!)

I just got eMail from Lester (See the Shadow Owners Page for Shadow 1100 Owners) detailing changes that have been made on his blue Shadow 1100... and he tells me that he has been customising his prized possession: Fatty handle bars, chromed drive shaft, and last but by no means least: NITROUS OXIDE! ... Thats a 40 HP NOS Fogger system that I'm sure would thrill any owner to no end... I just hope the bike never leaves him behind!


Better Lower Your Ace? But How Low Can You Go?

I am a proud owner of a 1995 Shadow ACE, Menthol green with black which I lowered one and a quarter inch this year, after riding more then 18500 kms last year. By lowering it, I got myself the best riding bike I could ever expect to ride. It seems that by lowering it, I lowered the center of gravity, and this bike is now so smooth and easy to ride that it is extraordinary!

For those that are interested I purchased a set of rear shocks they call the 2000 series with progressif coil springs, put them at the back and lower the front forks by one inch and a quarter in loosening the four screws on the two forks brackets. If you would like more information my email is:
Response: Lowering your ACE, technical data from Chuck Cottrell (Shadow Club Prez)
Response: Not everyone agrees the above methods (

WHAT!!! A Biker CHAT PAGE???

Yessir! A biker chat page has been set up by Motorcycle Shopper...
Chat to Bikers LIVE! ... It was just a question of time!

Instructions "How To Chat"... (I had problems at first...)
Fill in the Nickname field with the nickname you'd like to use.
When YOU want to say something, fill in what you wanto to say in the TALK field, then click on "Talk". If you don't want to say anything, but want to see what others reply or are saying, press "Listen" again and again and have fun! Its primitive, but it works!

(This News care of Jim "KickStand" Russell, Communications Director, Shadow Riders Club (SRC))

For those who complain I never write any more!

Hey! SOUNDS like I'm out riding!
To get you in the mood
Message to all bikers

(please note these are SOUND file links... they don't go anywhere... you must have a sound extensions or plug-in to Netscape for it to be able to hear these sounds! try Maczilla or similar.)

Discrimination Against Bikers... by other Bikers! Sick!

Its unreal! Motorcycle clubs that openly discriminate against other bikers, and are proud of it! But all of that may be about to change! There is nothing like prejudice to get a person motivated! Enter the Street Samurai, and Enter the Dragon!

Enter the Dragon

"Neighbours" Have a 600 Shadow

(Some of you may never forgive me for this one, and I'm just about to drop the IQ level of this page... but here goes...)

I just saw a 600 Shadow on, of all places, the Australian soap opera: Neighbours.

I don't follow the soap myself, but just tuned in, and there is was, in the opening sequence to the program, a white Shadow 600.

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