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Two Special Links: Shadow Rider's Forum - Honda Motorcycle Page

The links featured here are the most recent, and placed here sometimes before it has been possible to visit them.

Special Honourary Links

For outstanding service to the motorcycle community on the internet, I am proud to announce links to:

-=[ Motorcycle On-Line ]=-
WWW Moto Directory ]=-
Members of the Motorcycle Web Ring ]=-
Ronnie Cramer's Motorcycle Links Collection ]=-

Shadow Links

Honda of Milpitas (A dealer, who allowed me use of their pictures on the Shadow Home Page)

Shadow Forum & Chat: Place where Shadow riders can exchange stories, ideas and tips.

Shadow Riders Club (SRC Plano Texas Chapter has a new page for SRC.)
Shadow Riders Club (Communications Director, Jim "KickStand" Russell's Home Page)

Shadow Club (Another Shadow Club, Director: Chuck Cottrell, with pics...)
Shadow Club - U:S:A Home Page

Motorcycle Online's Riding impressions:

RIFLE Fairing's Home Page (has Shadow SOUNDS!)
René ShadowMan (He's from Newfoundland... check out his Shadow on the Owners Page)
Shadow Riding Couple Home Page (Spokes and Delegs) (Spokes SRC Page) (Mark) ( (Shadow Rider) (Falke) ()


Newest Motorcycle Links

SoCal - Southern California Shadow Riders: New pictures have been added.
Gary Williams Home Page: Great little Shadow page. Just shows how people can be enthusiastic about their Shadows... Plenty of interesting pictures. He rides with others all over the Blue Ridge in Georgia, North Carolina, & Va.
Easyriders Pages: Mainly Harley Davidson based articles and events. Some bare women, too.
Sunday Riders: This guy has some SHADOW PATCHES for sale... Check it out! &
Carmen's Shadow Page:
Bill Rich's Homepage (Dallas Texas): ??? I haven't been there yet... What is there???
Honda Shadow Review: Found by chance! Check it out!
UMAP Homepage: (European biker magazine)
Poker Run Homepage: (Poker run and other interesting motorcycle events)


Motorcycle Links

Cobra Boulevard Home Page: (Makers of Custom Stuff for Shadows)
Hooligan Bikes Motorcycle Link Index:
Teyamo and Opy's Hooligan Bikes:
Independent Shadow Riders Club:
Honda Owners Club of Great Britain (Maintained by TheBreeze, a friend and Shadow rider)
Of Shadows and Cycles (Has a Shadow Gallery)
Mid Cities Cruisers
(See Shadow News Page for the Deatils on this Club, or go there!)
GoldWing Pages Wings on the Net Home Page: ()
Corbin Motorcycle Accessories (Sponsored by Motorcycle On-line)
EQMC: Ebony Queens Motrcycle Club:
Motorcycle Crossroads (Online discussion forum devoted to motorcycling, and fun to use.)
Motorcycle Shopper's Chat Page (Sometimes called the Biker Chat Room, this is addictive!)
The Snails Home Page "Sniglar Heimasida": (This is the home page of the biggest biker club in Iceland. The page is in Icelandic only (last time I looked). They have about or over 1500 members.)
The Motorcycle Links Compendium (A lot of links... very handy... saves time!!!)
Ronnie Cramer's MC Web Index (Lots of Motorcycle Links (acc. approx 30,000 times /day))
Motorcycles on the Internet Home Page (A wealth of assorted links... growing all the time)
Motorcycle Shopper On-Line (Great links, and free real-time ads!)
Do you want to BUY / SELL a Motorcycle? (Try this if you're thinking of buying used.)
BikeNet (Even more links... this time, from England)
Steve's Motorcycle Page (This guy has a "bike of the week" page as well as readers bikes!)
Touring Québec in STYLE (Located in Québec, they hire out Shadows and GoldWings, etc.)
Bike Tips (A location on the web that is specifically designed to share safety tips and techniques)
UK Jivebunny Sickle Shack (The start of something good if you ask me...)
UK Motorcycle Action Group (Lots of stuff going on there... check it out... and participate!)

North American Nude Motorcycle Riders Ass. (Its not WHAT you ride..its HOW)
Motorcycle Riding Safety Tips (Have a quick read to brush up on dos and don'ts)
Motorcycling in Iceland... (a tour with pictures, just for you!)
Top Hat Motorcycle Accessories (economicly priced parts, arrange world wide delivery)
Dennis Kirk Catalog (World famous mail order catalog, send worldwide)
Honda@Yahoo: Great collection of Honda Links
New Magna Page: Check it out...
Inexpensive Parts:
Shadow Riding Couple (Spokes and Delegs):
Valkyrie Home Page: (This baby looks just GREAT after Tom took it over... Check it out)

Mystery Motorcycle Links!

(You do like a good mystery, right?)
(Reader: "So where are they?" Answer: "Well, thats the mystery, right there! I donno!")

Venger: The Strange Mystery Page. WiErD!

Other Cool Links

WebCrawler Searching (Did you know they have a "Go to random site" function too? Try it!)
Cool Site of the Day (always nice to check out something new... updated every so often, this links to a cool site)

Valentine's Day Link List of
Owners and their Shadows

all Shadow Riders...
but especially (in no special order):

ShadowRyder (Sylvia)
Don Andrew, Barb and Kids (Canada, Retreads MCC)
Jim & Sue (
Norm Carter (88 Shadow VLX600 + CX500)
Rad Davis (85 1100 Shadow)
Dennis V. Hughes (Yo! Dennis... don't be a stranger!)
Chuck Cotrell Shadow Club USA
ShadowMan ( René Jeddore
Chris Hillier (Shadow Rider in Newfoundland)
Andy @ Honda of Milpitas (
Rodney Jackson and all Magna Riders
Robyn Landers (
Robert Scott-Buccleuch and his CB 900 F (someone has to ride them!)
Luis A. Hernandez, Jr. Motorcycle Shopper On-Line
Markolf Gudjons (
Karol and her New Harley (I tried to warn you! hehe...)
Graham Legg, Editor, BikeNet
Don Presten San Diego Motorcyclists (