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Owners and their Shadows

Brian Forton and Midnight

This page has been growing like crazy, because of YOU!!! ... and thank you, all for sending in those lovely pictures of your prized possession, and YOU... and please keep them coming, like crazy!


People sending in pictures of JUST THEIR BIKES will find their picture on the Shadow Gallery Pages. While people sending in pictures of THEM AND THEIR BIKES will find their picture on the Owners Section Pages... and if you get a chance... have a listen of the song: "From Me To You"... many have sung it. Any version will do... I wish you success in the coming years... my friends.

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Shadow ACE Owners
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Some More Pics
My Ride Home
Even More Pictures

Shadow Owners Page NOTES23.06.97



Hello there, happy Shadow Owners! I hope you are happy as you read this, because its actually a bit of bad news... but nothing that can't be helped... For those who have not read the "Plea To You", please do... Things are changing... and we are OUT OF SPACE for new pictures. Also, I will be very busy these coming months (I am now a teacher at a technical college), and will have to pay someone else to update these pages, if they are to be updated at all. I am therefore asking for contributions to a "Shadow Page Fund" that will: 1. Buy us some more space on this server. 2. Pay the guy for updating the page. 3. Asking for you to contribute space, on your server, perhaps? As the net expands, more and more people will have their little space on the web, and I can forsee that the links on these pages may become just links to Owner's Pages, as opposed to hosting/posting them here. How does that sound? Lemme know at:

Oh yeah... Did I Forget To Mention...

We are out of server space... From now on, only smaller images will be on these pages... If you send me the URL (web address/link) of the location of the full size picture(s), I'll link from the smaller representation to your full size... and in case you are wondering... The smaller pictures are all 120 pixels high, and have a file size of about 6k each. They can be linked, to images of any shape and size (which will be on YOUR server). This will help us host even MORE pictures with the same 10 mb.

David E. Gasner

Shadow Sound .WAV (216k) Nb: Well worth the wait!

Hi there Shadow Owners... I've visited these pages from time to time over the past year or so and finally have something to contribute... I live in Chicago, Illinois (USA), and own a 1996 Shadow 1100 and have done a fair amount of customizing so far. One of the things I love are the Vance & Hines pipes I've put on. Want to hear how they sound? I've attached a .WAV file for your enjoyment. Just thought I'd share with ya. Drop by my small & humble page if you want at

Ride safe!
David E. Gasner
A.K.A. Viper13

Please Note: The articles above, with their pictures will be transferred to the appropriate pages as soon as I get more pictures and articles! Ok... a quick advert here: YOUR PICTURE HERE! Ever dreamt of being in pictures? Well, send in your picture in GIF or JPEG format, making sure its in a file that is under 100 K) and you too, can be in pictures, on these pages. If you want to be TOTALLY the best:

WE ARE OUT OF SPACE HERE! See the Plea to You. Meanwhile, I'll do my best to put up some of the pictures I have been sent, after I remove the bigger ones from the server... please... when I have time!

Shadow Owners Stories

We've had your pictures, now we want your tales! Please send in your riding stories, so other Shadow Owners can enjoy them... nothing is too trivial! Let me have it!
Shadow Joke (its an old one)Other Jokes
Shadow Poem (by Al... who says it was written for fun... alright.)
Don Andrew Has Been Up To No Good Again! (Rode his bike all the way to the bank... and IN!)
To All That I Love (Its always painful to lose a fellow biker... but have courage.)
2 Articles About Shadow Biking (from Brian Forton, (or Biff to his friends))
Student Biker (Joke from Jim "Kickstand" Russell, SRC Communications Director)
Tom Wilson (Valkyrie Page keeper takes his Shadow out... but its still WINTER!)
Intimidation is a Sick Word! (Law enforcers should not all be judged as one)
Amy's 15 Minutes of Fame (She takes a ride and loves it)
Amy's Bike:
A Ride Down Memory Lane (The Scattons take a new rider out)
SRC - Colorado Trip '96 (Jim Russell, SRC Communications Director tells all)
Don Almost Gets Run Over and Other Stories (From Don Andrew)
The Messer Family and Friends Ride Out (from Greg Messer)
Shadow on the Blue Ridge (Story from Quinton Childers)
True Story (2 people sent me this... I guess they really want it to be here!)
ShadowMan's Trouble Page: (ShadowMan has been having trouble with his Shadow, and he shares his troubles with readers!)

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