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All eMail correspondence from the last YEAR has been lost. The Zip disk I was keeping all 12 mb of it on crashed (from overheating of the surface combined with a crash causing data to be lost, I guess). I am was in total shock! Especially as I had not had the foresight of keeping a backup... Ok, ok... I'll know next time! (Story of all our lives?) I am both in shock and denial... as I keep thinking I will find the files on some disk here... but no... I'm afraid thats just wishful thinking.

So, I'd like to ask all of those who heard from me regularly to send me a small note, saying "hello". I just need to get your eMail address again... thats all for now... Be good... and keep lots of backups!

Here endeth the lesson...

Dearly beloved... we are gathered here on the internet... and as it's mysteries are unveiled and I run out of space on my server, I would like to propose to you! If your servers allow you space on their hard drives for home pages , the "THUMBNAIL IMAGE" (the little pictures on these pages) could be/will have to be linked to a larger picture that you give me the link to... as in:

If you send me the URL (http://...etc.) of your full size picture, I'll do the rest. My 10 megabytes of server space are up! Finished! Depleated, kaput, fini, exhausted, full, over, shut, tied up, bonded, sewn up, drained, spent, devastated, doomed, gone, over filled to a fine excess!

As I receive new pictures, only the smaller representations of your pictures will be left. I have increased the size of the small pics from 120 pixels to 150. I will then link them to bigger pictures when I get their web addresses from you. I hope you all see how this is necessary, as we outgrow the host server (Vortex).

Hope to hear from you with all those juicy links to you and your ride!

Much love and warmth to all of you. XXX
(Please note: XXX here refers to kisses, not hardcore pornography.)

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