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Shadow Owner's Club
- SHOC -

-= SHOC FAQ =-

(SHOC? Whats this? What happened to our beloved SOC? - Well, I was contacted recently by SOC (Suzuki Owner's Club) who are holding their 25th anniversary and although they amicably suggested that 2 motorcycle clubs with the same name could exist side by side, just like two people with the same name, the "Shadow Owner's Club" needs to be as unique as possible... Which is why, when SHOC was suggested, recently, and it clicked much better than the sock references we have been getting (hehe)... well...
Also, Honda already have their own HOC (Honda Owner's Club) and us, hogging SOC, being -Honda- riders would be a bit greedy, don't you think? I've searched the net, as usual, and have not found any other motorcycle clubs out there called "SHOC"... So, ShOC it is. "Are you in Shoc?" - hehe... Yes, it lends itself well to recruiting... and now begin the ineviatable puns!)

Note: For NET purposes, this page will now be called "SHOC.HTML", although the old SOC page will be about, since search engines are slow to change.

(...and the contestants are...)

Patch #1

#0 Votes:
Dan O'Kash
Lo Sheng The Great
Roger Stansell
Loek Geraedts
Walter D. Brentano Robb Blanchette

#30 Votes:
ShadoRydr (Tony)
Muhammad Razin
Billy Towler
Bullhead City Bob
Jerry Liu
Bernie (Horker)
Eric Raketic
Serge Bousquet
Jimmy Berry
Rick Lawrence
Bill Weber
Dial H
Darcy Marche (Darkside)
DarthNader Jr
Ronnie Hinton
Steve Merrill
(Sweett) Julie
Terry Tompkins
Ron (Tank)


#2 Votes:
Owen Berry


#3 Votes:
Joe Meagher
Adam Clay
TONY Conway
Helge Hammer
Ken Murphy


#4 Votes:
Monica Rooyakkers
 Matjaz Erjavec

Patch day draws ever closer!

Each of these has a slight change in them... Please let me know which one appeals MOST to you. I want everyone's opinion, that means YOURS too... so let me know NOW by eMail which of the four you prefer #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 (Great to hear from all of you.Thanks)


Bad News! (29.May.98)

The local patch maker, who is in contact with UK has said they can't make the patch. Thats the final word on that matter. Again, please, if you know a patch maker, please ask them to give you a quote on the design. Very possibly we are talking about 200 (to start with) of BOTH #0 and #1!

While the pressure is up to try and find a local patch maker... The plan is: (03.98)

Other Details

26 th Dec97: More of these "reliable" sources have confirmed that the curving of the "Shadow" logo in patches #0 and #1 will ensure that there is enough difference between the original and the changed version to prevent serious legal action. Further (perhaps more authortitative) sources state/confirm that no motorcycle manufacturer (except Harley Davidson) have ever sued a motorcycle club for use of their logo (free advertising and all that).

17 th Dec 97: Reliable information from people who have had to deal with Honda on legalities state that any use of Honda owned logos or ideas or designs or etc. will/can lead to legal problems vs. Honda, and so should be abandoned, before the legal stuff starts. This means #0 and #1 are out of the picture... Sorry... Also, the bike must not look too much like a Honda, as that will infringe too... So, until I hear from Honda authorising the use of the Logo and picture and anything else needed to make the patch proper, its on "hold". HOWEVER... since the patch is to be sewed, the end picture of motorcycle/logo, etc. will not look much like the original... except from a distance... But you know what they say... "from a distance, you look like my friend, even though we are at war..."


SHOC - Argentina, Santa Fe, Mariano De Dios (Motomorfosis), eMail
SHOC - Australia, Sydney, Richard Andrews, eMail (Will not have eMail long, so phone: 0419 489 299.)
SHOC - Canada, Bon Accord, Alberta, John Spooner email
SHOC - Canada, British Columbia, BC Port Alberni, Al E. Rider eMail
SHOC - Canada, British Columbia, Victoria, Brad Good, eMail
SHOC - Canada, Nova Scotia, Halifax, Larry Rafuse eMail
SHOC - Canada, Ontario, Burlington, Don Andrew eMail
SHOC - Canada, Ontario, Toronto, Carmen, eMail - Special Page
SHOC - Canada, Saskatchewan, Jim Aho, email
SHOC - Germany: Steinfurt, Klaus Mehlich, eMail
SHOC - Holland: Hans eMail <== (Now rides a Suzuki 1500 LC, loved his Shadow, though!)
SHOC - Iceland, Reykjavik: Thor Ingason, eMail - Page<== (Now rides a Suzuki 1500 LC! Ditto!)
SHOC - Italy: Vax69, eMail
SHOC - Indonesia: (Bandung), Hendra G Pasaribu, eMail<==Newest (4.August.98)
SHOC - Ireland: Ian Lush eMail
SHOC - Japan, Iwakuni, Thomas E. Kopp (The Duck), eMail - QUACK! -
SHOC - Japan, Misawa, Terry Ray Emory eMail
SHOC - Malaysia: Muhammad Razin eMail
SHOC - Mauritius: soon (Ki maiere? To bien, la?)
SHOC - Netherlands: Carlos Bermudez eMail
SHOC - Singapore - eMail
SHOC - South Africa: Murrey du Toit (The Rat) - eMail (Amazing SOC Story!) <==SOC really works!
SHOC - Sweden: Johan Fristedt eMail - Page <== New eMail address
SHOC - Thailand: Serge F. Bousquet eMail
SHOC - UK: ShadBro eMail (Also any UK based Shadow activities, contact)
SHOC - USA, Arizona, Bullhead City Bob, eMail
SHOC - USA, Arizona, Phoenix, Jeremy Williams eMail or Pat Gill eMail
SHOC - USA, California, Fresno, Steve Merrill eMail
SHOC - USA, California, Lakewood, Mark Hudkins eMail - Page - Page<==Contact for rides!!! (Please)
SHOC - USA, California, Los Angeles - eMail
SHOC - USA, Florida, South Florida, Marty & Diane Lurie - eMail <==Contact for rides NOW! (Please)
SHOC - USA, Georgia, Gainesville, Ted and Tina Wilbanks eMail
SHOC - USA, Illinois, Michael D. Berk, eMail
SHOC - USA, Kansas, Kansas City, western Missouri and eastern Kansas, Brian Tunks, eMail
SHOC - USA, Dracut, Massachusetts, Marty Sullivan , eMail
SHOC - USA, USA, Massachusetts, Dan Nash , eMail
SHOC - USA, Maryland, Baltimore, Richard McCormick, eMail
SHOC - USA, Michigan, John eMail
SHOC - USA, New York, Brooklyn, Roberto Torres, eMail or eMail
SHOC - USA, New Jersey, Owen Berry, eMail
SHOC - USA, North Carolina, Kannapolis, Steve Jordan eMail - Page
SHOC - USA, Ohio, Columbus,HoneyB & Bonzaibudy, eMail <==Contact for rides NOW!!!(6/98)
SHOC - USA, Oklahoma, Salina, Tony Conway eMail
SHOC - USA, Pennsylvania, Allentown, Brian Phillips - eMail
SHOC - USA, Tennessee, Atoka, Rick Perry, eMail
SHOC - USA, Tennessee, Clinton, Terry Crawford & Linda - eMail
SHOC - USA, Texas, Austin, (Soon)
SHOC - USA, Texas, Midland, John Bumpers - eMail<==Contact for rides, NOW! (Please)
SHOC - USA, Texas, Plano, Jim "Kickstand" Russell eMail - Page <==Shadow Riders Club Page (SRC)
SHOC - USA, Utah, Salt Lake Valley, Jeff Watkins eMail
SHOC - USA, Virginia, Ashburn, Robert Orsino, eMail - Page
SHOC - USA, Viginia, West Virginia, Dave "KickStart", eMail
SHOC - USA, Washington, Vancouver, Jerry "Bubba" Smith eMail - Page
People ask: "How do I become a SHOC Rep? (Representative of the Shadow Owner's Club).
Simple: Drop me a line by eMail, stating you'd like to be a rep, and you will be here next weekend. Please include your Country, State, City, your preferred eMail address for SHOC correspondence (if different from you normal one), the address of your web page (if you have one) and your NAME. Thats all.
Many people have expressed a preference for a club without beurocracy or were something is expected of members. To answer demand for such a club, the Shadow Owners Club exists. You can easily be a member of any other club and still be a member of SHOC. If you would like other Shadow Owners to get in touch with you, or to get in touch with Shadow Owners in your area, please let me know, and your name will be on this page. The aim is to make this club as international as possible. The areas above labeled "soon" means someone has expressed an interest in becoming a rep in that area, we just have to wait for confirmation. Some people will want to establish special eMail accounts to handle the SOC mail. So things take time.


SHOC Reps have been getting all sorts of questions that really should be directed to pages and forums set up for specially for that. Most SOC Reps will be busy handling local mail and having to answer the same questions again and again can be tiring and time consuming. Hence I include here the places to direct general inquiries...

The best place to get information about Shadows is at one of these places, which have been set up specially to handle all types of questions in one place, with lots of Shadow owners answering, so you get the opinions of more than one person:

Just paste the above text to any eMail that asks for general information that can best be handled by these pages.


Some have been asking... and this is for them...


Dear Shadow Owners... when I could not find World Wide Web Pages dedicated to my favorite motorcycle (and yours), I decided to sit down and make the pages I wished I would have found. Alone without a scanner *sniff* I would have got no-where... until I found some pictures of Shadows on the Honda of Milpitas web pages... I applied to use them, and was received very well, and was told that all their pictures were at my disposal... :-) Many thanks to them...

Then I sought to find organisations for Shadow owners... and found first the Shadow Riders Club-USA with it's Communications Director, Jim "Kickstand" Russell, then the Shadow Club-USA, with its President Chuck Cottrell... and found both clubs had / have the same aim, to unite Shadow riders (and riders of other brands) in the USA.

Then came support for all sides, with individual Shadow Owners sending in pictures of their prized possessions... and themselves... and before we knew it, the pages grew into the Honda Shadow Home Page, complete with Shadow Owner's Pages... Now comes the next step in the logical progression. A Shadow Owner's Club, which will start as humbly as the net pages... with an easily identifiable badge / patch.

This badge will help to identify the wearer as being or having been a proud Shadow Owner, and he will be approached by others all over the world, who recognise, or wear the same badge / patch, as, whatever their club afiliations, they will know what each other felt when riding their Shadows, and this will be their common bond.

Shadow Owner's Club (SHOC)

(Some of the information below is out dated. This is included as a refernece to what concepts were originally discussed.)

It will not have true "colors"... only a patch... and it has been suggested that, although the words will be "(top) Shadow Owners - (bottom) Club" it may have (possibly) a choice of patche motifs (picture in the middle) too...

Suggestions so far:

A circle/shape, with only: (top) SHADOW OWNERS - (bottom) CLUB. (I realise it may need an apostrophe in the "Owner's"... for linguists, but these are cosmetics, and it looks better without it.)

The letters should be shadow only... this is achieved by selecting white as the letter color, and typing it on a white background. That way, you only get the shadow of each letter...

(I look forward to suggestions, and examples, if you would like to try your hand at designing a patch.)


There are many who feel the need for an independent club that does not have any other direction than uniting Shadow Owners... The point being... Sometimes they are the only people on a Shadow in their area (England for example, where Shadows are a rather rare and expensive import/luxory) and understandably owners there want to have a patch that identifies them... as do Holland, Belgium, Germany, Iceland, Canada, Australia, USA, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, South America, Africa, Indonesia, Japan, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Swiss, England, France, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, etc. to name but a few of the many people who have contacted me...

I want, most of all, to get your views on this, as its in its discussion phase at the moment...

Motions put forward:

What the Badge/Patch Represents

The person wearing it must at some stage in their lifetime have owned (and ridden) a Shadow.

Simple huh?

People can and will add their opinions as they like, and put forward additions and changes and/or advice as to how THEY would go about doing things. All opinions/advice will be considered, and possibly put to the vote by those who are registered... Hopefully the internet will help there.

The thing I like best about this, is it's simplicity...

A badge/patch is all that is needed... and its easily sent through the mail, and duplicated by anyone interested in promoting unity among Shadow Owners. It will not pit brother against brother, as we are all owners of Shadows! The concept is simple enough... and much enthusiasm is already there... and has been from the beginning... sorry for the delay.

No... don't laugh... I'd even like to propose an optional bortherhood handshake, which is a progression of the normal handshake upwards, to a catching of the thumb... slap catching of each other's thumb, you know, like the "black power" handshake... but rather than be a racist statement, it will be a sign of brotherhood/unity... *ahem* I've been known to go too far, sometimes... but, as I said, its just an optional/additional sign to unite us even further... Hehe... most people will probably forget/ignore this... but if you remember it, its a nice way to greet a brother or sister in company... and a sign of friendship, and an international expression unity. (Picture of the handshake will be put here when one is available. Its a bit like that thumb grabbed arm wrestling lock.)

Just kidding... I know when to say when! (However, I'm open to discussions on the subject, if there is a genuine interest in this product). It has been suggested that the SHOC vibrator might actually be an old Harley.

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