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Shadow VLX Owners Page

Dennis Tantuico (25.mar.01)

Here is a picture of me and my bike with only the windshield added. This Thursday, I plan on getting Cobra pipes, saddle bags, backrest, engine guard and visor lights.

Dennis - eMail

Dean Auger (1998)

(Previous Correspondence: I took my first ride on my Shadow VLX600 (1988) today. It was awesome! I am still trying to get used to cruising around at 45 in 3rd gear but I'm sure it won't take me too long. I'm taking the bike to work tomorrow for the first time. The guys at work like to pick over any new vehicle purchase but I think I got a good deal and thats all that counts. I haven't had a chance to give the bike a good cleaning yet but when I do thats when she'll really look good. I'm sending along a Polaroid I took of me and the bike the day I brought it home. It's not a great pic but I'll be sending another one later. Thanks for reading this fellow Shadow riders.)

Finally the wait is over! After 2 and a half hours of washing and scrubbing and buffing I have pride in my ride! There was quite a jewel underneath all the dirt and grease. I am so proud of this bike and how it came out. She runs like a top and looks awesome now too!

I have added a fork bag that matches the saddlebags. That pic will be too you soon.

See you in the wind my friend,

Mick Jackiewicz

Hi there,

The above pics are of my (fairly) recently acquired Shadow VT600C. The first three are different angles of the bike, the fourth is of my daughter on it and the last is of me the proud owner.

The only customisations to the bike are a sissy bar and some chrome lens covers to the rear light & the indicators which also have blue-dot lenses - the photos were taken before the changes to the indicators.

I live in the south of England and use the bike most days to get to work except in the worst of the weather. The best ride at the weekends is to Box Hill, Surrey - the most famous meeting place for bikers in the south of England. Several hundred bikes of all styles & ages turn up every Sunday throughout the day - it also attracts the police in large numbers.

Cheers for now,
Mick Jackiewicz.

Albert Lim

The picture on the hills was taken on Highway 35 (also known as Skyline Blvd) in Palo Alto / Saratoga Hills. It is a very beautiful route and the ride is fun. Further up the road where 35 meets 84 is Alice's restaraunt - a biker hangout.

I've just installed the Cobra light bar with 2 extra lights and the Honda Engine guard. I have yet to take pictures of my bike's new looks. I have a back rest on the way too. I will you send photos when I've installed the back rest...

Albert Lim
San Jose, CA, USA

Dan Ashbaugh

The bike is a 95 Shadow 600 VLX Deluxe, the picture was taken at Deals Gap while I was at the Honda Hoot last summer.

The picture with me is from my trip to the Honda Hoot 96. The trek took me from Fort Collins, Colorado to Nashville, North Cartolina. 1500 miles on a 600. I need an ACE!!

Dan Ashbaugh -

Sergio Merino

Hello!!! I'dont speak english :( Puede alguien leerme? Es que ni siquiera se bien a donde me comunico.Disculpen. Mi name is Sergio Merino, 25 years This is my dear vlx. Ahi van mis dos amores: mi vlx y mi novia. Espero que alguien pueda leerme. Otra vez disculpas.

Sergio is from Argentina... and doesn't speak any English... but whatever he is saying, we know what he means! Don't we? Love the bike Sergio.


Maurizio Guadagnini

Hi, I am Maurizio.
Sitting on my bike... I can see you all surfing in the cyberspace. Started from Verona (Italy), the place where I physically live, I finally reached my destination, here in the web of the shadowmen. It was a long long ride but it was worth while. Be good on the back of your bike !
... and drop me a line if you want: Maurizio Guadagnini at:

Juergen Aussendorf (Farmer)

Shadows have invaded Germany too! Here is Juergen Aussendofr on his 600... which has NOTHING IN THE PIPES! Can you imagine the noise? He lives in the country, and is therefore nicknamed "Farmer"... good thing he doesn't live near a graveyard... or he'd wake the dead each morning! Contact him at: