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Honda Shadow Homepage
Contents & History

This page. - An introduction to the new & improved Honda Shadow Homepage.
Honda Shadow Homepage BulletinBoard - where Honda Shadow owners and friends can interact concerning their favorite motorcycle. Something on your mind?
Honda Shadow Homepage Album ( where Honda Shadow Owners can post and describe pictures of their Shadows. People's comments are also welcome and can easily be added below the pictures. So, what does yours look like?
Honda Shadow Homepage LinksBoard, where Shadow Owners can add links to their web pages, dedicated to their Honda Shadow(s).
Honda Shadow Homepage Guestbook - Leave your mark before you go. Tell us you've been here, impart your words of wisdom, make your visit count... and if you know some HTML you can even leave a picture!
old pages
Remnants of 'ye olde Honda Shadow Home Page'. If you contributed to the old page you will be here... if not just 'for-the-record', then as thanks for your contribution. (Many links don't work at this time... restoration is in progress)
This link will take you to where you will find the new and improved Honda Shadow Home Pages of the various Shadow models. The page is maintained by Honda, so you can bet all the info is correct and regularly updated.
The ever popular Shadow Rider's Forum ( which was newly formed just before the Honda Shadow Home Page changed hands. It's a popular place where Shadow owners and others can exchange views.

Way back in the 1990s I searched the web desperate to find a page dedicated to the bike I rode and loved: Honda Shadow... but found none... so I sat down and put up a page that was exactly what I would have wanted to find...
Each model had it's own 'Home Page', with pictures and details of each bike... A "Gallery" had pictures of just the bikes people sent in... and "Owner's Pages", where pictures of owners and their bikes were on display.
It was my experience that most people who visited the "Honda Shadow Home Page" were warm and constructive people, as excited about finding others who were enjoying their bikes as I was... and the pages grew beyond one's expectations!
While I was on my Shadow the pages were great fun and uniting people was so rewarding...
But, yes, it was a lot of work maintaining the pages, keeping them current & up-to-date, etc... When I changed bikes (baught a 1500 Intruder) it was almost a relief when I handed the pages over to Robert Orsino, who looked after them as long as he could...
He crashed his VT1100 and eventually became the proud owner of a Kawasaki Vulcan... This and a lack of time forced him to seek someone else to take over the page... I still receive eMail concerning the page to this day, and had been forwarding the messages to Robert...
After I baught the 1500 Intruder... and, again, not finding any dedicated pages for this wonderful bike, history repeated itself... and I set up the
Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC Homepage, which I still 'keep'...
All these motorcycle related/dedicated pages did not go unnoticed and I was comissioned to make the Harley Davidson Iceland homepage... after which my excuse, that I was focussing on the 1500 Intruder only, fell on deaf ears among my biking viking brothers, up here...
They insisted I put the page up again... and now that there are so many useful tools on offer on the web, there can be no excuse for it being closed down. So here I am, returning to maintain the, now, new and improved, "Honda Shadow Homepage".

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"... or so they say... and despite it looking like Honda did not want to take any part in the Honda SHadow Home Page, it was a pleasant surprise, to see that Honda have now taken it upon themselves to set up 'Home Pages' for all of the various types of Shadows, even calling them by the same names as the old Honda Shadow Home Page did!
On top of this, they now have a "Gallery" for each type of bike... These galleries contain pro-quality pictures of the bikes, while our Gallery have always relied on people sending in pictures of them and their bikes.
This means that the new and improved "Honda Shadow Homepage" won't have to do all that again! It was about time Honda finally took it upon themselves to maintain and update web pages for each of the Shadow models. So, to read the various details of each bike, people can now just click on
[ models ] and go to the Honda pages, knowing the info they provide will be the latest figures.

Your bro,